OGM 5th year Anniversary knife



This is it, this is another milestone for us here at OGM. But it’s more than that. As we’ve grown as a company, we saw the community grow with us.


5 years ago, we started our brick and mortar shop in Subang Jaya. The following year, we had our first OGM collaboration run with Daniel Koster and came up with the Telomian.

The top one was the original saber grind, the bottom one was reground to a full flat grind for more aggressive slicing. Both are in CPM 3V


But then, about 2 years back, a new knife maker in Malaysia emerged. His work was consistent, designs were practical and elegant, and his finishing was spot on. Sounds tacky, but I’d say – World Class. Sheikh Faris Zulkifly of Fursan Blade

He started out as one of our customers, then became a friend, and eventually the respected knife maker we revere today. I feel there’s no one better in Malaysia to represent the kind of quality our country is capable of, as well as to make 10 numbered blades to represent OGM’s achievements as a company as well as to the community.


Sad news though. 1 through 10 is all sold. Each and every unit. Will we make a regular non-numbered run?

We shall see…

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  1. amin says:

    You should. I’d get one!!!

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