Local spotlight! – District U5 EDC Gear


We are borderline perfectionists when it comes to our kit. And it’s certainly not easy to achieve OGM’s exacting international standards. But then, a company like District U5 goes and blows our minds.


There’s a story behind this little titanium piece of EDC goodness. And it’s one every Malaysian can be proud of, in the EDC community at any rate. See, for the longest time in Malaysia, there wasn’t anyone who anodized titanium, especially not for your little itty bitty EDC gears or knife parts. So we had to almost always ship it States side just to get some small customization work done. Sounds ridiculous eh?

Well, Fadzrill Omar thought so, and so he started doing it himself. Some reading, investing in equipment, and A LOT of experimentation later, he’s got it under his thumb now. And, he’s good, very good.


He anodized my Ti bead, and my ZT560BW Ti scales. Even had the pocket clip burned to give it a dirty brass tint. 

Only thing I can say about his work it, i’m impressed. And people who know me, know very well that it’s bloody hard to impress me.


Here is Ian’s Prybar and ZT0562


This is an early shot that Fad sent me when he was making the first run of prybars

So, recently, our beloved Emperor HotRat1 sat down and had a chat with Fad, Emperor would make a design and District U5 would manufacture it.  And this was the inception of this Titanium Prybar. the first 10 units was a limited colored run, that has long been sold out. But fret not, we carry the production series in our shop.



This is my personal one, hands off!

District U5 can do more than just that. Consider him your EDC specialist. He’s Anodized countless titanium scales belonging not just to me, but Emperor, and many other customers. He’s working on making custom Ti pocket clips for your EDC folders. Prybars and EDC tools are merely limited to what your imagination can concoct. The possibilities are nigh limitless!

Oh man! This is exciting! I certainly can’t wait to see what else is in store for this local company.

Anyway, i’m just going to leave a few Instagram posts of his work, cause if you’re reading this, you probably have a lot of time on your hands right now.


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