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Local spotlight! – District U5 EDC Gear

Posted on - 09 Feb 2017

We are borderline perfectionists when it comes to our kit. And it’s certainly not easy to achieve OGM’s exacting international standards. But then, a company like District U5 goes and blows our minds. There’s a story behind this little titanium piece of EDC goodness. And it’s one every Malaysian can be proud of, in the – Read More

Why waterproof apparel doesn’t work well in our jungle

Posted on - 23 Nov 2016

With exception to a handful of scenarios, for the most part, waterproof apparel just won’t work that well in our high humidity, high heat tropical rain forests. Now, the key word to remember here is APPAREL. Lest some guy in the comments go crazy about how stupid i’d be to camp without a flysheet, or – Read More

OGM Mini Clip – BK9 Sharpening

Posted on - 03 Aug 2016

Sharpening – Why, How and When?

Posted on - 15 Jun 2016

Selling knives is the easy part, tell someone what they want to hear, appeal to their wants rather than their needs and voila! Knife sold, cash in pocket. BUT here in OGM, that ain’t enough, we take everything to the next level, we give you what you need, and we support you every step of – Read More

Light My Fire & Mora Collaboration – The Fireknife

Posted on - 26 Apr 2016

Sometime back, we were told that Light My Fire had teamed up with Mora knife (both Swedish companies) to design and produce a knife that would incorporate two important aspects of a survival kit together, i.e., a cutting tool and a fire making tool. There is a growing interest for survival knives in Malaysia and – Read More

Opinel Classic Knives

Posted on - 26 Apr 2016

Invented in 1890 by Joseph Opinel, these simple yet time tested Opinel knives survived pages of history till this very day. Simple, smart yet functional are among the descriptions given to this classic knives. OGM Shop recently acquired them as part of the shop’s offering to customers. For folding knives that are priced below RM100. – Read More

Leatherman Raptor EMS Shears

Posted on - 26 Apr 2016

Leatherman Raptor, A multi tool aimed at helping medics at their life saving work, this tool is also popular with outdoorsmen and preppers alike. There has been much talk and debate about this rather ‘narrow’ audienced product but it certainly has features that appeals to the rest of the market. There’s very little to like – Read More

Helinox Chair Series

Posted on - 31 Mar 2016

  One of the highlights for the first quarter of 2013 has to be the unveiling of the Helinox chairs. With new colors and updated designs, these well built, practical and light to carry outdoor chair has been available in Malaysia at OGM, fulfilling the needs of outdoors enthusiasts and professionals every step of the way. – Read More

Mechanix Gloves

Posted on - 31 Mar 2016

The Mechanix brand of gloves need no introduction. Anyone into biking, hiking, prepping or just about any outdoor activity in Malaysia would probably know this brand. It’s distinct design and quality workmanship makes them one of the most sought after gloves in the market. With so many models to choose from, there’s a Mechanix glove – Read More

Basics of Emergency Preparedness

Posted on - 26 Mar 2016

We are in that time of year again where the floods are threatening to hit our lands. Last year was the worst we’ve seen in a long time, and this year, we are here to help educate and prepare you better. Most of what is written here is merely my opinion on what would work – Read More

Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Posted on - 25 Mar 2016

Mystery Ranch may be a new brand name in Malaysia but their lack of exposure here don’t do justice to the standard and quality they are made. OGM Shop recently received their first official lot of this superior brand of backpacks and gear. Here is a look at some of the items arrived. The more – Read More