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Minimalist EDC Survival Pack

Posted on - 06 Jun 2017

Boy that’s a mouthful. So whats this about then? Well, I find quite a significant amount of customers who are into “prepping” coming in looking for a concept where they can fit everything they need to survive into a pack so small, you could carry it with you just about everywhere. Take into consideration that – Read More

Gearing Up For Urban Disasters

Posted on - 07 Jun 2016

I’ve recently been asked quite often – “What do I do in the event of a flood?” Well, my answer varies. As almost all my customers know, it’s really hard to get a straight answer from me. I just don’t believe any situation is so 2 dimensional that there is a simple answer, hence, I – Read More

Basics of Emergency Preparedness

Posted on - 26 Mar 2016

We are in that time of year again where the floods are threatening to hit our lands. Last year was the worst we’ve seen in a long time, and this year, we are here to help educate and prepare you better. Most of what is written here is merely my opinion on what would work – Read More