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OGM 5th year Anniversary knife

Posted on - 23 Mar 2017

This is it, this is another milestone for us here at OGM. But it’s more than that. As we’ve grown as a company, we saw the community grow with us. 5 years ago, we started our brick and mortar shop in Subang Jaya. The following year, we had our first OGM collaboration run with Daniel – Read More

Knife Sharpening Services – Getting it right the first time

Posted on - 07 Feb 2017

A lot of people don’t know how to sharpen their blades, hence, they bring it in for knife sharpening service. But then, I had a customer come in some time back, and he brought 2 knives that someone had sharpened on a belt previously. and he needed it fixed. The first issue was that he was – Read More

Camping Knife System in the Tropics

Posted on - 10 Jan 2017

You’re planning for that expedition into the jungle, and you’ve packed your ruck and you’ve pretty much got everything, then you look to your knives, and you go – “Darn, which one do I take this round?”. Or maybe you’ve walked into a shop, you know you’re going on a beginners camping trip and you’re – Read More

Sembang Pisau Edisi Durian

Posted on - 12 Aug 2016

Sembang Pisau Edisi Silent Hero

Posted on - 12 Aug 2016

OGM Mini Clip – BK9 Sharpening

Posted on - 03 Aug 2016

Sembang Pisau – Edisi Mora Masak Ayam

Posted on - 02 Aug 2016

Sharpening – Why, How and When?

Posted on - 15 Jun 2016

Selling knives is the easy part, tell someone what they want to hear, appeal to their wants rather than their needs and voila! Knife sold, cash in pocket. BUT here in OGM, that ain’t enough, we take everything to the next level, we give you what you need, and we support you every step of – Read More

Which Leatherman to EDC?

Posted on - 14 Jun 2016

Leathermans, Multitools, MacGyver. They all have something in common, they’d certainly get you out of a pinch when you find yourself in a pickle. I know it certainly has for me. So, now you want one too, but you’re not sure which models to go for? That’s ok, lets take a look at which ones – Read More

Sembang Pisau – Edisi Melapah di Draco Nature Camp

Posted on - 24 May 2016

Sembang Pisau – Edisi EDC

Posted on - 14 May 2016

Today, we talk about every day carry gear. Not just for the urban setting, but for the jungle as well.

Light My Fire & Mora Collaboration – The Fireknife

Posted on - 26 Apr 2016

Sometime back, we were told that Light My Fire had teamed up with Mora knife (both Swedish companies) to design and produce a knife that would incorporate two important aspects of a survival kit together, i.e., a cutting tool and a fire making tool. There is a growing interest for survival knives in Malaysia and – Read More