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Artisans – Autine Axes

Posted on - 14 Nov 2017

Craftsmanship, having your own two hands make a magnificent work of art, something so meticulous in its design and function. This, is a dying art. On a personal note, when I first heard of this brand and saw the tag on it, I couldn’t help but think – “why in the hell would anyone pay – Read More

Minimalist EDC Survival Pack

Posted on - 06 Jun 2017

Boy that’s a mouthful. So whats this about then? Well, I find quite a significant amount of customers who are into “prepping” coming in looking for a concept where they can fit everything they need to survive into a pack so small, you could carry it with you just about everywhere. Take into consideration that – Read More

OGM 5th year Anniversary knife

Posted on - 23 Mar 2017

This is it, this is another milestone for us here at OGM. But it’s more than that. As we’ve grown as a company, we saw the community grow with us. 5 years ago, we started our brick and mortar shop in Subang Jaya. The following year, we had our first OGM collaboration run with Daniel – Read More

Local spotlight! – District U5 EDC Gear

Posted on - 09 Feb 2017

We are borderline perfectionists when it comes to our kit. And it’s certainly not easy to achieve OGM’s exacting international standards. But then, a company like District U5 goes and blows our minds. There’s a story behind this little titanium piece of EDC goodness. And it’s one every Malaysian can be proud of, in the – Read More

Knife Sharpening Services – Getting it right the first time

Posted on - 07 Feb 2017

A lot of people don’t know how to sharpen their blades, hence, they bring it in for knife sharpening service. But then, I had a customer come in some time back, and he brought 2 knives that someone had sharpened on a belt previously. and he needed it fixed. The first issue was that he was – Read More

Camping Knife System in the Tropics

Posted on - 10 Jan 2017

You’re planning for that expedition into the jungle, and you’ve packed your ruck and you’ve pretty much got everything, then you look to your knives, and you go – “Darn, which one do I take this round?”. Or maybe you’ve walked into a shop, you know you’re going on a beginners camping trip and you’re – Read More

Mise en place in the Jungle – Ep2 – Beans

Posted on - 30 Dec 2016

So, I’ve been looking for a type of food that’s got good nutritional value, can keep for a long long time, is light, and takes up very little space in the bag. Then in my research, i stumbled upon pulses, as in beans and legumes. Well, dried ones to be specific. Nutritionally, they are mostly – Read More

Mise en place in the Jungle – Ep1 – Pasta

Posted on - 14 Dec 2016

So, you’re going camping, and you just got a gas stove, and a cook-set, now you go to the supermarket and you bought yourself a 5 pack of instant noodles. Yes, it’s convenient, but it’s not good for you, and it ain’t a proper meal. After a whole day’s worth of trekking, I think your – Read More

Why waterproof apparel doesn’t work well in our jungle

Posted on - 23 Nov 2016

With exception to a handful of scenarios, for the most part, waterproof apparel just won’t work that well in our high humidity, high heat tropical rain forests. Now, the key word to remember here is APPAREL. Lest some guy in the comments go crazy about how stupid i’d be to camp without a flysheet, or – Read More

Garrison Packs EDC Utility Organizer for your daily carry needs

Posted on - 18 Nov 2016

We all love our gear, and we have a special affinity to those things we bring with us on a daily basis, commonly referred to as our EDC, as we tend to use them more often than anything in our arsenal. It is on us almost all the times afterall. So the issue comes when – Read More

Sembang Pisau Edisi Durian

Posted on - 12 Aug 2016

Sembang Pisau Edisi Silent Hero

Posted on - 12 Aug 2016