Artisans – Autine Axes


Craftsmanship, having your own two hands make a magnificent work of art, something so meticulous in its design and function. This, is a dying art.

On a personal note, when I first heard of this brand and saw the tag on it, I couldn’t help but think – “why in the hell would anyone pay this kinda moolah for an axe”, then I watched the video that made me go – “Ah, that’s why.”

The first thing that stood out to me was that the axe head had a composite D2 edge, and that did remind me of how the Japanese craftsmen made their swords by laminating 2 different steels of varying characteristics to obtain the compound advantage, or as some would say, the best of both worlds.

But that said, the axe heads are all aligned to the haft, they are all seated sturdily, and the blades all come hair shaving sharp!

This is the model that I want for myself! – Bushmans axe

I think, as far as a real working ax is concerned, you would be hard pressed to find something as well made as one of these babies.

So then, we know it’s worth the cash they are asking for, the big question is – “should I buy one?” Well, honestly, here at OGM we generally try not to be product shills (It’s just embarrassing really), and the justification is an individual one to make, but we know these few things for a fact.

These masterpieces are built to last, with performance and excellence in mind, its like they are literally trying to be better than the best.


  1. Anas says:

    Am really diggin’ that bearded axe look!

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